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For the past 13 years we have provided golf and golf training, for anyone of any age, with a disability, and organised events from April through to October.  Following that, due to deteriorating weather, little happened until the following Spring.


We have recently changed our status and merged with an associated charity, to not only offer our regular comprehensive golf calendar, but also a new winter-long ice curling programme.


We even have combo events arranged, where members can play both sports at one event.  We have christened these “Sticks & Stones” where curling sessions will be arranged one day and a game of golf or golf practice or tuition on the second, usually with an overnight hotel.


This will mean, year-round sporting opportunities for people with disabilities!




Our original golfing group, was founded in 2004 and became a Registered Scottish Charity in 2009.  Initially, we were a small group of sensory, physically and intellectually challenged players, who played friendly games at various local venues in Scotland.  This quickly developed into regional, national and international tournament play and we now organise over forty events in Scotland and have arranged Open competitions in three other countries.


Today, we have over one thousand Members of all ages and abilities , in more than twenty countries.  The Coaches, Carers and Guides of any disabled players are also welcome to join the SDGC.



 Scottish Disability Golf & Curling is a Registered Scottish Charity SC 041000 
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