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Blairgowrie Golf Club

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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look into our charity! 


Scottish Disability Golf & Curling (Sc 041000) is governed and operated by disabled people and was the first organisation in the world, to incorporate anyone of any age, with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability, that interferes with the playing or learning about either sport.  


We organize golf from April to October and curling from October through to March and, when there is an overlap of seasons, we operate “Sticks & Stones” events, where members can participate in both sports at multi-day events.


We have a small number of event organisers and are enormously proud of the quality of our volunteers, guides, coaches and carers, who continue to play a major part in the running of the charity.


Each year for our golfing members, we organise:


Golf lessons for members with Professionals via our SDGC HUBS

Nine and eighteen hole, Single and multiple day competitions

A National Order of Merit Championship, which includes around 20 competitions

A multi-day Team International, both in the UK and overseas

A multi-day Scottish Open

a National Championship and over twenty other games and competitions

+ we are an outlet to International golf in over thirty countries


Each year for our curling members, we organise:


Local lessons for members with ice curling coaches and professionals, via SDGC HUBS

Several single and multi-day events and  practice sessions

Numerous mixed fun games with other curling clubs and groups

+ we are an outlet to International curling in over eight other countries


Our “Sticks & Stones” events, incorporate all aspects of golf and curling and are arranged over two or three days.  They involve curling competitions and practice and either golf rounds and/or practice time for both disabled members and their coaches/carers.


Our members have featured prominently in many disabled golf and curling Open Championships, Team Internationals and World events, with our players claiming victories and top ten finishes, in many European countries including, Turkey, Germany, Norway, France, Italy and the Home Nations, as well as competitions in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Portugal.


You can help the SDGC continue to provide golf and curling opportunities to our members, by making a donation via PayPal.  All monies donated by this method will go direct to the provision of tuition, practice and competition time for our golfers and curlers with disabilities.


The SDGC HUB Launch at Elmwood Golf Club

The SDGC HUB Launch at Elmwood Golf Club

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