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The SDGC HUB Flag Fluttering

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Gleneagles PGA

Questions we have recently been asked. Just click the question . . . . .

1. How do I join the SDGC and what do I get for my membership?

2. I am not fully fit yet, can I just play on the ice for a short time?

3. Tell me about your team internationals and how do I qualify?

4. Tell me about your handicapping system and scoring?

5. How and why did you form the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling group?

6. How do I get out there and started on the ice?

7. When I get some golf or curling lessons, do I need to bring equipment?

8. Where does the SDGC get its funding?

9. Do you take all types of disability in SDGC and are there any limits?

10. What happens if it rains during a game?

11. My Daughter has a special diet, can you help with this?

12. I need a golf cart or buggy when I play golf, do you provide them?

13. I have some balance issues, how can you help me?

14. Will you look after our son while we go golf?

Any other questions, or if you would like more info about membership? Just fill this out.




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