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How best to get in touch and some questions and answers

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1. Tell me about your team internationals and qualifying?

2. I am not fully fit, can I just play a short time?

3. How do I join and what do I get for membership?

4. Will you look after our son while we go golf?

5. Why did you form the SDGC?

6. How do I get started on the ice?

7. Do you take all types of disability or are there limits?

8. Where does the SDGC get its funding?

9. Do I need to bring equipment for my lessons?

10. What happens if it rains during a game?

11. I have some balance issues, can you help?

12. I need a buggy, are they provided?

13. My Daughter has a special diet, can you help?

14. Tell me about your handicapping system and scoring?

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