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Questions, Answers and how to get in touch with the SDGC

Some recent enquiries . . . . . just click on the question to find the answers?

1. What are Sticks & Stones and how do they work?

2. I am not fully fit just yet, can I just play a few holes or a short course?

3. How do I qualify for your team competitions against other countries?

4. I have a 24 handicap at my golf club, is it okay to use this with SDGC?

5. I want to play games with the SDGC, how do I go about this?

6. I would like to get a golf handicap with the SDGC, how do I go about this?

7. When I get some golf or curling lessons, do I need to bring any equipment with me?

8. Where do you get your annual funding from?

9. Do you take all types of disabilities as members of the SDGC and are there any limits?

10. What happends if it rains during a game?

11. I have a special diet and am diabetic, can you help with this?

12. I need a golf cart or buggy when I play golf, do you provide them?

13. I have some balance issues when I stand to play shots, are you able to help me?

14. How do I get out there and started on the ice?

15. How much does it costs to join Scottish Disability Golf & Curling?

16. What are the new golfing rules and how do they affect me?

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