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The SDGC Clubhouse

News Briefs . . . . . . .


Welcome to our new members!!!  over a dozen new players have joined in the last few months and we wish them well with the SDGC funded lessons and golf time at their local venues . . . . . . . . . .


A new SDGC HUB will take place at Mearns Castle in early September, full details will appear on the Diary page . . . . . . . . .


Scottish based members who fancy some free golf and/or lessons should check out the HUBS & Lessons button below and get in touch . . . . . . . .


Entry into the National Championship is currently restricted due to virus rules and conditions.  These rules change almost weekly, so members and reserve players will be informed when new info is available. . . . . . . . .


Milnathort entry details are now on the Diary page.  Details for Elmwood will be displayed when final info is confirmed . . . . . . . . . and details for Greenburn's, Central Classic have been sent out to all members who entered . . . . .


The Phoenix Cup 2020

Scottish Open

Scottish Open

Paralymic short vid


The SDGC  MINICAST #10, with classic Peter Alliss commentry and chat with two Phoenix players about holes in one and their fave golf courses 

SDGC Mini-Cast #9, with disability perspective from Australia, the US of A on a visit to St Andrews and a Pro takes on a couple of risky blindfold shots?

SDGC  MINICAST #8 with Euro PGA thoughts on those 'unmentionables' and a hole-in-one or 3 and all shot in Fife Scotland? 

Latest News


The SDGC has created a new podcast, called the SDGC MINICAST , which will come out on a weekly basis, with comments and interviews from members and sponsors and will appear at the top of this page and also be posted on the charities Facebook account at "Scott Golfencurl".  If you would like to find out more about the podcasts or to make a contribution, just get in touch via the Contact us link at the top left of any of our pages.


Substantial funding is now in place for the restart of the curling season.  When rinks finally do open, the SDGC curlers will be well funded, with provision of practice and competition ice, safety equipment, event catering, accommodation, plus some travel costs.  There is also funding available for an international match.


The SDGC 2020 Funding Appeal.  Thank you to the Scottish and English based Trusts and Foundations who have made substantial donations to the SDGC over the last few months, especially during these difficult times.  These donations will allow the charity to continue its work across the country, providing tuition and practice time for golfers and curlers with disabilities.


Good thinking . . . . . . . . Since the restart of our Lessons & Practice Programme, several of our members have joined up and are taking some free lessons with their Pro, but they have also joined forces and use the SDGC grant to fund a couple of rounds at their local course, as well as a few range sessions.  🤔🤔🤔.


To all of our Volunteers.  This is a very special time designated to thank volunteers.  There are not enough words to describe how amazed and grateful we are for the dedication, compassion and generosity of the many individuals who have given of themselves to the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling Charity.  Without your support, we would not have had the opportunity to provide golf and curling games, HUBS, competition, practice or tuition, to the many hundreds of disabled individuals across Scotland, over the last sixteen years.  Without you, none of the work we do would be possible!  Thank YOU!


From the Trustees


Since March, the UK and the rest of the world have been in lock-down to try to combat the impact of Covid19.  Naturally, these restrictions have impacted on SDGC and the events it planned to run during 2020.


The SDGC and its trustees must treat, and be seen to treat, the health and wellbeing of SDGC members, and others who participate in its events, as its first priority.  In addition, as a registered charity, SDGC has a duty and responsibility to its members, participants and stakeholders to operate within government guidelines.


Government advice is quite clear.  If you live in a currently restricted area [whether it be UK, Europe or the USA] you should not travel.  Whilst it is helpful that Governments make rules of compliance, it must also be the responsibility of every individual to take the initiative and do his or her bit to help?


SDGC events will still take place next year if it does the right thing now, as no one knows the consequences if it doesn’t.   Perhaps current rules will change soon, but lifting of restrictions may well have a withdrawal period with which the SDGC may need to comply.


The SDGC can only act on current information, and it has to be consistent.  The charity is being scrupulously careful not to discriminate against anyone, while working to ensure its events are played safely, and protecting the health and well being of all participants.  Covid19 has killed many innocent people, and the powers that be across the world have still not yet come up with an adequate defence -- apart from masks &  social distancing.  A proven vaccine is still a distant hope.


It is for these reasons that the SDGC trustees will have to decline entries from those living in those restricted areas, it being in the individual’s, and SDGC’s, best interests.  Entries for other SDGC events in September / October will be kept under review in line with government restrictions.


A short video with a series of over one hundred images taken by SDGC members at our events

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