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The SDGC recently held a meeting with officials from Scottish Golf Ltd, SportScotland and several other groups for a Q&A session.  The meeting was held at Dunnikier Park Golf Club in Kirkcaldy, with Scottish Golf’s new Inclusion officer, where The SDGC Trustees and members posed questions and submitted suggestions for the future of the game for golfers with disabilities in Scotland.  The main outcome of the meeting was the re-start of the Scottish Disability Golf Forum, which will 'tee-off' after a break of some 8 years, in St Andrews, on Monday 14 October at 14:00.


The SDGC is Having a trial at podcast production and our second episode can be found by clicking here.  The Casts will be periodic and contain news, comments and in this edition, some “good luck” Phoenix messages and a piece about membership criteria.  It is available on Google, Anchor, Breaker, Radio Public and Spotify platforms.


Special 25th Anniversary Phoenix Cup 2020 offer.  To assist with promotion of the Phoenix Cup and the SDGC’s drive for inclusive golf, The European Captain of the 2020 event will offer a playing place at the Gleneagles Centenary, Panmure, Blairgowrie and Carnoustie Championship Courses next September, to the winner of the Sidey Scottish Open Trophy for 2019.  The golfer who takes the nett title at the Dalmahoy East Championship Course from 8-10 September, will gain a place at this highly prestigious event on Team Europe, to play Team USA in September 2020.  Other Team Europe 2020 Qualifying  Using the existing SDGC team Europe selection criteria, the top four players from the Patriot Order of Merit Championship on a given date in August 2020, will automatically qualify for a playing place, with all remaining team players, being selected as "Captain's Wild-Card" choices, from the SDGC’s existing European membership  For the selection of these top four playing places, which will utilise the existing points scoring system for the Patriot Order of Merit Tables, and to incorporate the Sidey Open winner offer, the Captain has decided to extend the overall qualification time and will incorporate all SDGC competitions from the first round of the Scottish Open 2019 through to the final qualifying round in August 2020.  ”Members wishing to qualify for Team Europe by accumulating early points, are encouraged to enter the Sidey Scottish Open at Dalmahoy.  Best of luck to those trying to qualify.”


Several of the SDGC’s 2020 dates are already confirmed.  Like the Sidey Scottish Open, which  will be played from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 September 2020 at The Strathmore Golf Centre Alyth in Perthshire. 


Then there is the 25th Anniversary Phoenix Cup, which on this occasion will be played between teams from Europe and The USA.  The event will run from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 September 2020 at the highly prestigious Gleneagles Centenary, Panmure, Blairgowrie Rosemount & Carnoustie Championship Golf Courses


The Phoenix Team Europe Captain will be Iain Ross from Scotland.  Iain is a Trustee of the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling Charity.  The Phoenix Team USA Captain, will be Dan Aldrich from California,.  Dan is the current President of the North American One-Armed Golfers association and the Phoenix Team USA Vice Captain, will be Bradley Schubert from Illinois.  Bradley is the current President of the Mid-Western Amputee Golf Association


A general run through of the 25th Anniversary Phoenix Cup Programme is: Tuesday 15 September, Phoenix Cup Opening Ceremony.  Wednesday 16 September, Gleneagles PGA Centenary Course, Foursomes 14:00.  Thursday 17  September, Panmure GC Fourball, 11:30.  Friday 18  September, Blairgowrie Rosemount GC, Singles 10:06.  Sunday 20 September, Carnoustie Championship GC, Team International 13:30 & Closing Ceremony . . . . . . . . . . . and if that wasn’t enough quality golf, on Wednesday 11 October 2020 at 11:30, the SDGC season finale will be played over the Jubilee Golf Course in St Andrews!


Many thanks to Scott, the 91st PGA Pro to provide golf tuition to SDGC members under our annual programme, Stewart, Shona and all the staff at Wellsgreen Golf Academy for their kind support and welcome  for our latest wee clinic.  To date our charity has provided over 3,250, 30-minute individual golf lessons for members . . . . . . . Substantial funding remains available for SDGC members tuition.  They should use it or lose it?  Traditionally, members take their lessons either at the golf driving range or from the ice hack, but lessons can be taken for example, on the putting green, in a bunker or on the ice using a delivery cue?  Why not take a lesson on the golf course or during a curling game?  The choice is yours.


All SDGC events, clinics and competitions are ‘open’ to every SDGC member.  By ‘open’ we mean that any of our members from any country or group,, can enter and play.  We also accommodate essential guides, carers and coaches, who, when spaces are available, may enter alongside their member player and have a game. 


Thanks to support from the Scottish Golf Development Fund, The SDGC is please to announce that a number of Open golf carts are being sponsored at Dalmahoy.  The first 22 golfers, making an Open hotel package booking, will be offered a free seat on a golf cart!  This is first come, first served, as after those 11 carts are reserved, the regular concessionary price is payable. 


The SDGC has received sponsorships to directly fund four major Sticks & Stones multiple day events this year.  The first ice sessions of the 2019/20 season are now in place.  The sticks & stones Championship will be held immediately following the golf season finale at Thornhill GC in September at the Dumfries Ice Bowl on Thursday 26 & Friday 27 September.  Three games are planned over the two days and a package, including an overnight hotel B&B, will be advertised here soon.


Following on from the success of the Dunnikier coaching sessions in June, The SDGC will fund a month long series of golf coaching sessions in Kirkcaldy for local school kids with disabilities.  This will run through September and October and the SDGC hopes to repeat this type of programme on a regular basis.


After some eight years of calculations the SDGC generated scoring and handicap system is being retired over the winter, on completion of this years Patriot Order of Merit.  The SDGC is reverting to the Handicap Master system,, previously used back in 2004, which is being purchased through sponsorships from an English Trust Fund.


Thank you!  Many members will not have heard of the majority of our volunteers, supporters and sponsors.  Most of these boys and girls are not the big money sponsors, but the everyday supporters of disabled golf.  They are the unsung heroes of the SDGC an should get tons of credit.  Some wish to remain anonymous, but we feel they should still get a mention?  When we attend Scottish Golf Clubs, they obviously give great support and we thank them, but our members who not only get us access to many of these clubs also sponsor elements of those events, like directly funding the food after the golf, providing prizes for competitions, like near the pin or long drive, buying gifts from the Pro-shop, sponsoring trophies, offering B&B to fellow players between games, just welcoming new members or picking someone up from the local station.  There is a growing number of members who do these things and dip into their own pocket to help out.  The SDGC is very appreciative and thank them.


SDGC members returned to one of their favourite venues, Duddingston GC, for round 15 of this years SDGC Patriot order of merit match.  Despite starting in a torrential downpour the sun was soon out and shining on all 15 competitors with a strong wind keeping the rain away for the rest of the day.  After a close contest Iain Ross emerged victorious with 34 points just ahead of Jim Hopes on 33 & Jim Hamill 3rd on 32.  "Great course, great welcome, great food and good banter."


With 6 rounds of the 2019 Order of Merit still to go it's even tighter at the top of the Patriot Order of Merit Tables, with only 2 points now seperating the Top 3 with Martin Webb on 128, Gordon Latto on 127 and Jim Hopes jumping up to 126 and only 12 points separating the Top 5 with Derek Milne on 122 and reigning Order of Merit Champion Iain Ross getting into the mix on 116 with the Duddy win.


Next up our 2019 Phoenix Cup Scotland v Europe match at Cardrona this weekend from 25th-27th August - good luck to both teams - then the next 3 Order of Merit rounds at our Sidey Scottish Open at Dalmahoy 8th-10th Sept.  The Scottish Open also marks the start of the qualifying period for our 2020 25th Anniversary Phoenix Cup, Europe v USA match with the top 4 from the Order Of Merit matches from between Sept 2019 to August 2020 getting automatic places in the European team to face the USA along with the Net winner from this years 3 day Scottish Open. Good luck to all those taking part. It's certainly shaping up to being an exciting end to the 2019 season. Watch this space!


So, there we go,, two days in Fife for the inaugural East Classic at the Charleton and Dunnikier Golf Courses, down to the hospitality of the Council of Charleton, its members, greenkeepers and staff and some decent weather, all arranged and sponsored by Derek Milne and the Hillhouse Cattery.  Gordon Latto took the first round spoils and, along with several others, a suitable cut in the handicap department, much to the consternation of the Team Scotland Captain, just before the upcoming Phoenix Cup .


Then came day two with several stories of copious amounts of overnight adult beverage, cat and dog interruptions and love-ins, and onto Dunnikier, and the Fife Golf Trust venue, where the 2019 title would be secured.  Capably organised and sponsored by Trevor Crombie and the St Clare Tavern staff, the game was once again completed in good weather and good food.  This time, Newbie member and Phoenix Cup virgin, Martin Webb took the honours and scraped through to the East of Scotland title for 2019.  This also shot Martin to the top of the Patriot Order of Merit Tables for the year and after 14 of the 21 rounds have been completed, the leaders will now struggle to gain more points, as only their best 8 scores count toward the title.  Several other top 12 or so players will soon be snapping at their heels? 


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