Welcome to the SDGC

Golf and curling for people with disabilities



The SDGC was created in January 2018 and is a Registered Scottish Charity.  This brand new charity brought together two previously well established groups, the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership (established in 2004) and the Disabled Curlers Scotland (established in 2014), to provide and develop year-round sports opportunities for disabled people across the country.


Generally, our golf season runs from April through to October and the curling from October to the following March.  We also run combo multi-day events, which we call ‘Sticks & Stones’, where both sports are organised for members at a suitable venue.


Today, we have over one thousand members of all ages and abilities, in more than twenty countries.  We organise over sixty annual events and have arranged Open competitions in six other nations.  The Coaches, Carers and Guides of our disabled players are also welcome to come along and enjoy our golf and curling.





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