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6th British Masters

Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 May 2023, Elmwood Golf Course

The 2022 British Masters 🏌️

Elmwood hosts the Masters in Scotland 

Champ Jordan Langford

Elmwood hosts Phoenix

SDGC supporter Elmwood for Phoenix 

Grs Champ Chris Paterson

The L2 Pendulum 2022

John Ambrose supports the SDGC OOM

Net Champion Ian Green

Elmwood Golf Course 2022

Elmwood hosts the Phoenix & Masters

Sponsored by Scott's Porage

The British Masters HUB is sponsored by Kettle Produce

The British Masters HUB is sponsored by Kettle Produce


Scott's Porage Oats British Masters Programme & Report 2022


Monday 9 May

10:00 SDGC HUB Sponsored by Kettle Produce Elmwood Practice Centre by Peter Whiteford, Former European Tour Professional

10:00 Supporting the British Masters is Wendy Chamberlain MP for North East Fife

12:00 Masters Welcome Meal Elmwood Clubhouse

14:00 Masters Round 1, Elmwood Course (White T’s)


Tuesday 10 May

08:00 Masters Round 2, Elmwood Course (White T’s)

13:00 Masters Meal Elmwood Clubhouse (staggered serving)


Wednesday 11 May

08:00 Masters Round 3, Elmwood Course (White T’s)

13:00 Masters Meal Elmwood Clubhouse (staggered serving)

14:30 Masters Prize Presentation Elmwood Clubhouse by SDGC & Alistair MacLean-Linton of Scott's Porage Oats


After a few years break the British Masters has just teed off and, for the first time, was played in Scotland  


Elmwood Golf Course in Fife hosted the 54-hole competition and those who travelled in to warm sunny weather, were in for a bit of a shock, when over the next three days we had three of the four seasons appearing.  Strong winds and yes, some of that wet stuff made an appearance on the first day and didn’t improve much over the next two.  However, some sponsored refreshments, of both the liquid and food stuffs helped to thaw out the wind-swept and semi-interesting players.


An SDGC HUB was held on the first morning of the Masters, with over a dozen players, newbies and some oldies, taking part and getting some tuition from Peter Whiteford, the locally based Former European Tour Professional.  Wendy Chamberlain MP also popped in for a wee while to meet some of the members and get a few pictures of the day.  We thank Kettle Produce for their kind sponsorship, with special mention of Nicole and Elizabeth from the Trust who continue to support golfers with disabilities. 


Our friends at Scott’s Porage Oats continued their support of our 2022 season and after some of their product was used earlier in the year for the Scottish Curling Championships, the product and the specially produced Presentation Tins were issued to the winners in each category of the Masters.  As  a ‘thank you’, the SDGC also presented each member of the Elmwood Clubhouse and Green Keeping staff a wee memento of our visit.


Thanks also go to our “Scores on the Doors Men”, which were once again collated by Jim Hamill and his able assistant Chris Paterson.  The results after their diligence over the three days were as follows:


Nett Champions – 1st Ian Green (Sco) 230, Paul Daley (Eng) 239 & Zander Frail (Sco) 245. 


Strokeplay Champions – 1st Chris Paterson (Sco) 246, Dave Standing (Eng) 263 & John Pennycott (Sco) 273 &


Congratulations to the new overall champion, Jordan Langford (Sco) 106, Ali Munro (Sco) 101 & Glen Jackson (Eng) 98  


Thanks to Alistair MacLean-Linton from Scott’s Porage Oats/Pepsi-Co for presenting the prizes and a new SDGC trophy has since been generated to celebrate all the British Masters Champions.


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