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 . . and welcome to the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling official website.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit and find the information you require easily and quickly. Our website is packed with information and news, and we look forward to welcoming you as a regular visitor. 


The SDGC was established in January 2018, it is a volunteer led organisation and a Registered Scottish Charity.  This new organisation brought together two previously well known charities, the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership (established in 2004) and Disabled Curlers Scotland (established in 2014), to provide and develop year-round sports opportunities for disabled people across the country. 


Although it can be influenced by the Scottish weather, our golf season runs from April through to October and the curling from October to the following March.  We also organise a number of HUBS, where both sports are organised for members at a suitable venue over two or three days. 


We have Ladies, Gents and Junior members of all ages and abilities, in more than twenty countries.  We organise over one hundred annual golf and curling events and have arranged Open competitions in several other nations. 


Any of the links on this page are an informative " One Stop Shop" on how to participate on the grass and ice. 😎 



Making a donation to the SDGC


Thank you for considering making a donation to the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling Charity (SC 041000) .  The SDGC is a volunteer led charitable group and has no administrative costs, so all our income goes directly to the provision of golf or curling games, competitions and training for our physically, sensory and intellectually challenged members.  


When you click on the box above, please let us know your contact details, so we can respond accordingly?  And we would obviously be delighted if you could consider making a recurring donation?  Thank you!


 Scottish Disability Golf & Curling (SC 041000) does not use cookies or other tools on this website to store personal information without your consent 
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