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1. I need a buggy when I play golf, are they provided and are they free?

2. How do I get your news letter and what is in it?

3. How do I join the SDGC and what benefits do I get for membership?

4. You seem to provide a lot of stuff, so where does the SDGC get its funding?

5. I quite fancy giving the curling a go, so how do I get started on the ice?

6. With my particular disability, I have some balance issues, can you help?

7. How do you select players for team internationals like the Phoenix Cup?

8. Do I need to bring equipment for my curling or golf lessons?

9. Will you look after our son while we go out for a round of golf?

10. What do you talk about at your charity Committee meetings?

11. How did the SDGC come about and why did you start it up?

12. Tell me about your handicapping system and scoring?

13. I played in the Scottish at Kinross Ice, how come the format was different?

14. Do you take all types of disability or are there limits and categories?

15. I am not fully fit, can I just play a short time during agame or match?

You can get in touch with us by email at " or by phone at 07903 596 552 or on Facebook at Scott Golfencurl


Video showing some images from the venues we have visited across the country

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