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The podcast contains news and information about disabled golfers and curlers. Each episode has a variety of content from many of our 60+ games and competitions held each year, as well as interviews, comment and chat from our players.  


The podcast also has details on our free Lessons & Practice Programme, where some 4000 golf and curling lessons have been accessed by members, plus information on our Team International, The Phoenix Cup and British Open Championships. For more information, or to submit content, drop us an email at: thesdgc@gmail.com 

Latest News

The SDGC has a new Archive, which contains issues of the MINICAST, our promo videos, a full list of our Champions from the likes of the Open and Phoenix Cup, as well as individual winners of the National Championship and Order of Merit titles. 


if you have any questions about the charity or our sports, drop us an email by clicking here.


The SDGC National Championship 2021, will be held at the Duddingston Golf Course in Edinburgh, on Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12 August.  The 2020 National Championship winners were: 1 Mark Drummond of Paisley, 2 John Pennycott from the Isle of Arran, 3 Paul Higgins of Motherwell.


After the inevitable delays and cancellations over the last year, the SDGC has reached and breached its target of over 4000 golf lessons provided to its Scottish based members, the equivalent of over 2000 hours or over 83 Days or almost 7 weeks worth! 😂

The SDGC is saddened by the news that our long term member Trevor Hillen has passed away.


Trevor and his wife Vivienne of County Down were blessed with grandchildren by their son Leigh, who lives near Dublin and daughter Lynette who lives in England and were heavily involved with disabled golf for many years, competing on several Phoenix international teams and played at most of our Open Championships and were renowned for their on course banter.  Trevor also travelled along with others from his golf club, Donaghadee and several SDGC players to compete around Ireland and Portugal.


Trevor was working really hard behind the scenes both with the SDGC, Golf Ireland, local councils, the Lottery and golf clubs to secure funding and charity status.  It seemed like he was doing something or meeting someone to do with inclusive golf almost every day.  He had opened the first inclusive HUB at Donaghadee, where he had a large group of enthusiastic volunteers who helped him run development days and recently hosted a very popular and well attended match between disabled golfers and Club members.  After Covid restrictions were lifted last summer he had been in meetings to establish more HUB's across the country, but then  became ill around September time.  "The challenge for the rest of us in Ireland now is to pick up the baton and keep moving forward". 


Rest in Peace Trevor.

Rain, rain and more rain on the back nine, for our latest event out on the grass at Brechin Golf Club.  Its some twenty years since we last played the course and there was a good spread of new and old members bashing that little white ball around the links.  Special thanks go to the locally based Dargie Charitable Trust who continue to support our golfers with disabilities.  Also many thanks to the R&A who donated a bunch of Open goodies for the top three winners on the day.  Those bandido's were: Newbie John Forest, with 36 points and a better inward half, over oldie Jim Hamill also on 36 and sharky Martin Webb just pipped into third on 35 points, who all get some good OOM points to help qualify for the SDGC Phoenix Team later in the year.


In preparation for the new season and to coordinate with our Handicap Master system, all SDGC members who have a golf club CDH number, must forward it to the SDGC, before the start of the season.  Failure to do this could result in a handicap lapse?  Details should be sent urgently to sdgc.handicaps@gmail.com 


Members can check their most recent score, handicap figures and points directly, via the SDGC's Master Scoreboard system, which is linked directly on the SDGC Merit Tables page and using the password 'golfer'. 

The SDGC is arranging a new Scottish Championship later this year.  As always members of any age or ability can play and anyone interested can put their names forward to participate, to play at ice venues in Edinburgh, Kinross and Stirling.  The event will be fully sponsored by our UK Trust and Foundation sponsors and will include a hotel stay, practice sessions and games as well as some catering.  


The SDGC Lessons Programme has restarted as of Monday 1 February and will run through until 30 November 2021.  SDGC Scottish based Members may use the available grant for golf and curling lessons, practice time and games at any time over that period.  More details on the Programme is available on the HUBS & Lessons page of this site.

The SDGC's British Open will be held at the Strathmore Golf Centre in September and we can now announce that over the next couple of years, the event will be merged with the Disabled British Open (DBO), held previously at venues in Suffolk and Coventry, involving the Handigolf Foundation and the R&A.  Discussions are currently under way with our colleagues in England, but both groups feel that this will be a positive and lasting move for golfers with disabilities.

The SDGC Committee would remind members, that playing places at any HUB, competition or game, will only be confirmed by the receipt of a full entry payment.  Entries will not be accepted by a post on social media, a message saying "put my name down mate", "keep me a spot until I get the day off" or "I'm coming and will pay tomorrow".  Full payment must be made through PayPal and Friends & family must be 'ticked', so no charges are made to the charity.  If charges are deducted from any payments, then entry is not completed and will not be confirmed by the SDGC.

Following our first group visit in 1997, Greenburn Golf Club once again hosted the SDGC for a 36-hole competition for our Order of Merit Championship and 30 players from the Scottish Islands, Mainland and England turned out to compete.  The trophy, formally known as the Central Classic, was renamed after the SDGC lost a good friend and hard working Charity Trustee, and will go forward as the Les McConachie Cup.


Many thanks to June "The boss", the Club Council, staff and membership, especially the "Greenburn Grand Daddies" Adam and Gerry, for their diligence, support and warm welcome + the R&A for supplying some Open Championship goodies as prizes for the winners.  Certainly the Green-keepers deserve high praise after the general maintenance and condition of the course, having to endure harsh weather in recent months.  Well done!! 😁


Once again this early in the season, the weather played a major factor during the first round and some soggy bits, ponds and drainage ditches around the course claimed lots of errant shots, but the leader after day one was Ian White with a fantastic table topping 41 points, followed very closely by John Pennycott and Chris Paterson with 40.  Day two, after more of the wet stuff overnight, saw the course very wet under foot and under buggy and some inevitable on course delays, but one of our English compatriots Paul Daley took on the challenge with a stonking 38 points and a better inward half over Iain Ross and Martin Webb


After the 36 holes, the top leaders, runners, riders, sharks, bandidos and pot-hunters were: Champion and winner of the Les McConachie Cup, Ian White with 76 points, second John Pennycott with 75 and Paul Daley on 74.  Very close at the top of the table and wide open at the bottom. 😙


Next up are two HUBS at Anstruther and Mearns Castle, then Canmore in Dunfermline, details of which are on the Diary page or announced as soon as possible

Congrats to Chris Paterson, who took the plaudits at Thornton Golf Club at our first HUB of the year.  The Thornton game, which was played on the only wet day of the month, followed a couple of hours with Donald McKay at Wellsgreen, who passed on tips and tricks to about a dozen of our established and not so established members.  Thanks to the boys and girls at the club for their hospitality and welcome and the new caterers for the grub.  The day was sponsored by a major Scottish Family Charitable Trust.  Next up with HUBS will be two simultaneous sessions with PGA Pro's at Mearns Castle and Anstruther, where numbers maybe limited, but the members attending will be the first to be offered a free round of golf later in the month. 😁


Thank you to our most recent supporters, five Charitable Trusts, in St Andrews, Stirlingshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow, who along with a large number of Scottish and English based Trusts and Foundations, have continued to make substantial donations to the SDGC during these difficult times, allowing us to continue to work across the country, providing tuition and practice time for golfers and curlers with disabilities.


The 28th Phoenix Cup will be played at the Forest of Arden Golf & Country Club in Birmingham, from Sunday 14 to Tuesday 16 August 2022.  The competition will be played over 54-holes, on the Aylesbury and Arden Golf Courses, with four teams of twelve disabled golfers, representing England, Scotland, The USA and Wales.


The Phoenix at Westminster - "and an increasingly strong emphasis on accessibility, as I saw last year when I attended part of the Phoenix cup, disability golf's equivalent of the Ryder cup. I was pleased that the organisers were able to go ahead with the tournament, in the face of huge logistical challenges".  Click more Phoenix at Westminster.

The SDGC recently made a presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Golf at Westminster.  The SDGC is an Honorary Member of the APPG on Golf and it is hoped that the presentation will lead to more publicity and a higher profile for the charity and its work.  Discussions are underway to create new working groups on diversity and disability within the APPG.  There are several articles on the SDGC within the APPG on Golf website.  

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