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The SDGC has two types of badges for sale to members.  We have a metal pin badge with the new SDGC logo emblazoned onto the metal work(pictured left), which costs only £9.95 And we have SDGC logo embroidered woven stitch on patches for your shirts or jackets which are on sale for only £7.95.  We thank Chris and Malcolm for their efforts on behalf of the charity.  Both these badges can be purchased by sending the correct amount to the SDGC PayPal account, at '', remembering to tick the friends & Family box, so no extra charges are added.  once the correct amount has been received by the charity, we will send out your order.


Disabled Golf Week (Scotland, 8 sessions, 7 venues, 107 participants, 31 newbies, 4 casualties πŸ˜


As Scotland's only golf organisation for those with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities, The SDGC launched it's first ever nation-wide week of activity, aimed at both promoting the charity and bringing new participants to the game.  The SDGC's DGW is arranged to coincide with the 150th Open in St Andrews and ran from Saturday 23 to Friday 29 July, with golf HUBS being arranged at seven different venues across the country. 


Click here to see a newspaper article about the DGW  

7-days of golf at 7 venues across the Nation


Disabled Golf Week Launch, Murrayshall Golf Club, trial and error?


A dozen members were asked along to the Murrayshall Course, just before the DGW got fully under way, so as to run an experiment and see how the general format would run.  Both new members, supporters and coaches played  on the newly toughened track and played a Greensome pairs game.  The pairing of Maclachlan and Paterson took the plaudits and winning score 🦈🦈 with the Storrie/Clifford team in second and the Gales/Lowe, third.  The game was popular with the players and sponsors, as it offered the opportunity for new players to participate in a fun format, that wouldn't put pressure on them for time or scoring.


Disabled Golf Week (Scotland) Day 1, Fife Golf Studio Inverkeithing, new venue, new Pro.


Many thanks to Mike at the Fife Golf Studio and Eric our newest PGA Teaching Pro providing tips at Inverkeithing, for the first day of the SDGC's Disabled Golf Week.  "some machine" was the quote of the day, with a fantastic full featured simulator, that included mat areas that mocked the heavy grass, slopes and sand, and there was enough shot data generated on the screen to both inform and confuse the players.  A nice meal at the nearby Burgh Arms, with some good music and atmosphere, and of course, a special thank you to the sponsors who provided the funding for the day.  The SDGC took part in five radio interviews from stations across Scotland, several were standard 2 or 3 minute chats about the DGW, with one in-depth discussion about the SDGC and its history, which lasted over 20 five minutes.


Disabled Golf Week Day 2, Elmwood Golf Club, half a hole of drizzle.


Cheers to Steve, Holly & Stewart up at Elmwood for their support and hospitality, for Day Two of the Disabled Golf Week.  A bit breezy and A TINY bit of wet stuff didn't deter the hackers, duffers and sharks managing their way around, with some new members and guests turning out some good and maybe not so good scoring?  "We must thank the established SDGC members who have assisted the newbies in not only playing the game ,but also by helping them while out and about at both the golf course and practice facilities.  Much appreciated.".  Elmwood were great hosts recently for the re-start of the British Masters in May and earlier at the 27th Phoenix Cup, which we believe . . . . . . . . Scotland beat the Auld Enemy and sent them homeward to think about how they might try winning an international competition?  πŸ˜€


We must pass on our very best wishes to members who became casualties over the first few days of the DGW.  In total, three were hospitalised and another two were confined to barracks.  We have been informed that all are on the mend and might be looking for sympathy? 😨😨 


The SDGC and the Press visit Ladybank 

  Lewis to the fore


A New Champion


Heartiest congratulations to Graham Moore, the new National Champion!  After two tough days at Duddingston Golf Course in Edinburgh, Graham took the title after scores of 33 and 37 and shooting the only sub-par round on day two, illustrating how hard it was to generate scores.  Second spot went to Jim Hamill and third to Chris Paterson, both with two round high sixties points.  All three winners received a selection of Srickson Golf Balls, donated by Steven the Secretary at Aberdour Golf Club and Jim also receives free entry to the Ratho Order of Merit event later in the year, while the Champ, Graham gets a complimentary entry to the seasons finale at Muckhart and the Jubilee in St Andrews.  As is the tradition, we must thank Duncan and Stewart at the club for once again hosting the event and pass on our compliments to the green-keepers and caterers for fantastic service.  At the presentation of prizes Graham gave a very poignant thanks and passed on best wishes to the Phoenix Team, while the members were updated on the British Pairs sponsorships later this year, plus the 2023 British Open and Disabled Golf Week events. 


Another brand new πŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯ŒπŸ₯Œevent


A new 3-day British Pairs Championship has been arranged by the SDGC from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 November at Kinross.  Eighteen games will be played over the three days and SDGC sponsors are supporting the event games, hotel and catering.  Entrants will be charged a deposit, which will be refunded after they attend the full three days of the competition.  Interested curlers should get in touch as soon as possible.


Dates are now going up on the Diary page for the 2022 curling season.  The sponsored games will include a bi-weekly Scottish Rocks & Caledonian Stones competition, several tuition sessions with Pro-Coaches, a couple of Bonspiels, as well as the Canadian International, new British Pairs and the annual Scottish Championships.


The British Open at Strathmore in September

Scottish Victory

USA v Wales v England v Scotland 


Disabled Golf Week (Scotland) Day 3 thru 5


Disabled Golf Week Day 3, East Renfrewshire GC, cant remember climbing those hills?


Gavin was our second new PGA Teaching Professional of the DGW at East Renfrewshire Club and provided some much needed tuition to the members during the morning session.  Gavin was a great advocate of not putting too many pieces of information into the heads of the students?  A great idea, as to quote one member, " the heeds fu of mince anyways".  A very nice lunch was arranged by Stewart and David and then it was out on the course for 18 and, more attempts to batter that little white thing around the grass.  "A great and well presented course" was the most used phrase, as well as "great to play and not have to listen to any speeches after the game"!  Many thanks to Claire at the Slater's for their most generous support.


Disabled Golf Week Day 4, Prestonfield Club, another hot sticky day!


Day four and still no rain!!  Out with another new SDGC Teaching Professional, Scott and some newbies.  Initially, this was to be two, four hour tuition sessions, spent in the nets and putting green, with a few longer drives on the range, but the sponsor, seeing what a great deal the club offered, for both golf, tuition, practice  and food, had a word with Scott and an afternoon round was arranged for the members.  Sunshine, good company and no score cards in the hand, led to a great days golf.  The SDGC will make a return visit to Prestonfield Golf Club.  Thanks to our newest sponsor the AEB Charitable Trust.


Disabled Golf Week Day five, Back Recreation Club Isle of Lewis, out in the Atlantic!


A brand new venue at the Back Recreation Club and another new PGA Professional, Bradley for day five of the SDGC DGW.  Our very own KK Morrison arranged the session via Back and brought several disabled groups and clubs together to try out golf.  "Everyone was brand new to the game and had all types of disabilities and health issues.  A real test for the Pro."  Bradley was one of the PGA Students up at Elmwood College, who while studying, helped out the SDGC at Elmwood Golf Club at our very first HUB and is now attached to Royal Dornoch Golf Club.  Thanks to a we push from Midas Media, who played with the SDGC at Ladybank, BBC ALBA came along and filmed the days activities for the evening news programme and recorded a piece for Gaelic Radio.  Thanks to Kenny and the guys from the Isle of Harris Golf Club for their organisation and patience.


Disabled Golf Week (Scotland) Day's 6 & 7


Disabled Golf Week Day 6, Falkirk Golf Club, with all new accessibility!


Falkirk Golf Club was the first venue to help out with the creation of the SDGC Disabled Golf Week.  The SDGC was asked to assist with grant applications and to provide information on accessibility for the clubs programme of alterations and improvements to assist with access to the club and the course.  We gladly did so and from that came the Challenge match between our own members and some Ladies, Juniors and Committee Members at the course.  "Local Councillors came along to see the major improvements at the club and local press will get to witness, what is an excellent batch of upgrades".  Adam, Janet and Tommy took the prize of a round of golf at Scotscraig.  Unfortunately, the nearest the pin wasn't won on the day, due to a wee mix up with the marker not being put out on the 11th green, but from comments, only 3 of the 24 players managed to get on the dance floor.  The SDGC received a donation of £100 from one of the members who wished to remain anonymous and we are very grateful for his consideration.  The SDGC made a similar gesture to the Falkirk Juniors.  We also passed on our best wishes and thanks to the club, staff, members, and green keepers.  A wee note from Davie the Vice Captain said, "Hello, It was our pleasure to host the game yesterday. I will ensure your generous donation is forwarded to our junior section.  I'm glad the new facilities we have created for access have been well received. We regard our club as being an inclusive club that is open to all. It is important to us that everyone can easily access the clubhouse as well as the course.  It was a very enjoyable day yesterday and in many ways inspirational, one that will last long in the memory.  We look forward to welcoming you and your members back to the club at anytime. As soon as you have identified dates for your event next year, let me know and we'll get it in the diary.  Finally all the best for the rest of the season.  Yours in friendship, Davie. 


Falkirk gets £40k for new accessability pathways


Disabled Golf Week Day 7, the Carrick GC Loch Lomond, out and about in Dumbartonshire.


Probably the most prestigious venue of Disabled Golf Week with Robbie King providing some initial tuition to the more established SDGC golfers.  A traditional morning roll and coffee, was followed by  a couple of hours one-to-one tuition, then a clubhouse lunch, And Robbie out on the course passing on some tips and tricks to the golfers as they played.  Once Robbie had honed those silky skills over the first few holes, the SDGC members finished off the 18-hole track in beautiful picturesque surroundings.  Two Trustees of the charity also set up an international internet video call  with disabled players and officials at the Afriyea Golf Academy in Uganda, showing them around a Scottish venue.  The Carrick on Loch Lomond will be another venue the SDGC will visit again in 2023, maybe for an international match?


An extra session and catering was also arranged on day 7, for three brand new members at the Elmwood Golf Club, where some practice and range time was held on yet another glorious sunny day.


The SDGC would like to thank all its established members and officials who gave up their time to make the inaugural Disabled Golf Week such a success.  Without their help, it would never have gotten off the ground.  It is always a learning experience, dealing with new types of disabilities, golfing abilities and personalities, but the positives far outweigh the negatives over the week, with the plus section having lots of new members and new PGA Pro's, while learning about differing golf facilities and formats.  New sponsors are of course, always welcome to contribute to the charity, and through their funding gave us the chance through HUBS to provide more golf and social opportunities for our members.  sadly, there were some 16 members, both new and old, who booked a place at one or more of our DGW days and never turned up for the golf.  We had expected some 'call-off's', but such a large number of members failing to show, was embarrassing at a couple of venues, when tuition, catering and golf accounts, still had to be settled.  It has therefore been decided that anyone attending a future  SDGC HUB, must pay a refundable deposit, which would be returned after attendance, but not refunded if members failed to show.


Making a donation to the SDGC


Thank you for considering making a donation to the Scottish Disability Golf & Curling Charity (SC 041000) .  The SDGC is a volunteer led charitable group and has no administrative costs, so all our income goes directly to the provision of golf or curling games, competitions and training for our physically, sensory and intellectually challenged members.  


When you click on the box above, please let us know your contact details, so we can respond accordingly?  And we would obviously be delighted if you could consider making a recurring donation?  Thank you!


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