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The 10th British Open

Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 September, Strathmore Golf Centre Alyth

The British Open 2022 😀

Septembers British Open at Strathmore

The 2021 British Open 😀

The British Open sponsored by Sidey Ltd

A recent British Open 🦈

Scenes from around the Strathmore

Short SDGC Open Video

The Runners & Riders from the Open 

Entry closes on Wednesday 17 August 


British Open Programme 2022


Although we have played various formats over the last 30 years, the current and fully inclusive, Open Golf Championship structure, was first played in 2008 at the St Michaels Golf Club, Leuchars in Fife, where Scottish Local Authorities and various Lord Provost's became involved, by sponsoring the event and its golfers with disabilities.  Subsequent Open Championships were held at other venues like Scotscraig, Kinross and Dalmahoy  Golf Club's and various other prestigious venues around the country.


Members should be aware that Gavin From Midgiebite Media will attend the British Open over two days, producing a new SDGC Charity video for broadcast later this year.


Tuesday 13 September

10:00 Demos will be available for all golfers on the L2 Pendulum Putter, by John Ambrose of Ohio, USA

10:00 Demos will be available for all golfers on the Patterson Buggy via Handi-Golf officials 

13:00 1&10 T’sOpen Round 1 & Club Challenge Match Ranneleroch Course Strathmore (Yellow)

followed by a pre-ordered 2-course clubhouse meal


Wednesday 14 September

09:00 Demos will be available for all golfers on the Para-Motion by Duncan Hood

10:30 Open Round 2, Ranneleroch Course Strathmore (Yellow)

followed by a pre-ordered 3-course clubhouse meal


Thursday 15 September

10:30 Open Round 3 Ranneleroch Course Strathmore (

followed by a pre-ordered 3-course clubhouse meal




All British Open applicants must be amateur golfers and full members of the SDGC.  The entry fee for the British Open 2022 is £100 deposit per person.  This deposit will be refunded in full after the event, if players compete in all three rounds of the Open and take up the post-golf meal on all three days.  Anyone failing to complete the three rounds and take up the daily meal offer, will not receive a refund.  British Open deposits are only payable via PayPal ( and members must remember to tick the Friends & Family payment, or entries will not be accepted. 


A limited number of regular two seater golf buggies are booked for sharing at Strathmore.  These will be funded by the SDGC as part of the entry package and will be allocated to essential users only.  Members with a personal buggy must use it at Strathmore, and arrange transport after the golf for re-charging.  The limited number of overnight buggy storage places at Strathmore, have been allocated to wheelchair user players. 


Coaches, guides and/or guests are not included in the entry deposit package or golf buggy allocations.  All players with additional coaches, guides and/or guests, must settle any costs on their own account. 


Players wishing to play only one or two rounds must pay the full/un-sponsored entry price, which is available by using the ‘Contact’ link above.


British Open prizes will be awarded to the top three players in the following sections:


Gross Championship, for the Isle of Harris Trophy*, with the winner taking away the DBO Gross Trophy and the 2nd & 3rd placed players receiving a replica

Stableford Championship, for the Caledonia Trophy*, with the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed players receiving a replica

Overall Nett Championship, for the Open Trophy*, with the winner taking away the DBO Nett Trophy and the 2nd & 3rd placed players receiving a replica

* The SDGC will retain and engrave the three main trophies for show and event promotion. 


British Open Entries


Neil Baird, Paul Daley, Nick Ford, Colin Leslie, Jim Gales, Derek Gordon, Paul Higgins, Andy Mason 

David Walls, Hugh McMullen, Jordan Langford, Willie Innes,, Ian Barker, Jim Hopes, Mark Walters

Gerry Clifford, Matty Coleman, Mickey De Costa, Zander Frail, Ian Green, Jim Hamill, Ian Harris, Greg Jackson

Terry Kirby, Colin Maclachlan, Phil Meadows, Fraser Millar, Graham More, Ali Munro, Alan Orchard, Chris Paterson

John Pennycott, John Ramsay, John Robb, Adam Storrie, Jim Thomson, Ian White, Garry Bruce, David Kirkham

Richard West, Robert Inness, Ellie Perks, Ian Hislop, Lesley Redden, Stephen Mawer, Derek Milne, 


Open News . . . . .  



SDGC members and competitors, may be aware that the former Disabled British Open, previously staged in England  by 'Handigolf', and our own Scottish Open, have been merged and are now the British Open.  The event will be at the Strathmore Golf Centre as above.  The two trophies from Handi-Golf for the scratch and nett winners, will be presented to those Champions in September, for return in 2023.  The SDGC will continue to maintain the three main Open trophies: The Isle of Harris Trophy for the Scratch Champion, the Caledonia Trophy for the Stableford Champion and the Sidey Trophy for the overall Nett Champion.


Buggy offer


The Handi-Golf Foundation have Patterson Buggies on offer to their members at a very economical rate.  Members have to be 'standing disabled', or only able to play shots from a seated position and for only £200 for the first years hire, a £20 membership fee and £100 per annum thereafter, members can get one of these buggies.  This money covers public liability insurance and the Handi-Golf Foundation handles any repairs.  For more information on this excellent offer, get in touch via the Contact link above.


The SIDEY British Open 2021 Report


The Sidey British Open concluded at Strathmore Golf Centre, Alyth, after 54-holes of golf for people with disabilities . . . .  and the event was completed almost entirely in glorious sunshine!!!  How many golf events have ever taken place in Scotland, and in September, where the main complaint was “bit too hot for me out there today”.


Over 70 golfers teed off on day one of the Open Championship, with players from across Scotland and its Islands and throughout the UK and Ireland and included SDGC members with all types of disabilities including cerebral Palsy, amputees of all descriptions, blind and vision impaired, MS, wheelchair users and many other and varied conditions.


“The main objective for all our disabled golf competitions is to get everyone out there on the course and enjoying their golf.  We all know that the game can be tricky if your so called able bodied , but our members are out there proving that a disability is not a barrier to playing the game”.  One element of the first day consisted of a team game with the Strathmore members and this was won by Team 9, Jim Gales, Jim Thomson and Martin Lowe, averaging 43 points and in second place was Team 2, made up of John Pennycott, Paul Higgins, Iain Butchart and Dawn Butchart, who averaged 39 points.


The SDGC would like to thank everyone at Strathmore from the greenkeepers, whose course was in excellent condition and with true and steady greens, the Management for their continuing support and all the catering and clubhouse staff, who gave us a friendly welcome each day and provided a very high standard menu and service.


The results of the 54-hole British Open Championship for golfers with disabilities were: Winning the Sidey Trophy, the overall nett Champion was Jim Gales MBE from Scotland, with 193, Runner Up was Paul Daley of England with 204 and in third place Greg Jackson of England with 206.


The SDGC would like to make special mention of our long-term members and established players at the Open, who looked after our new players.  “excellent help and encouragement, very much appreciated by other players and the organisers.


Winning the Isle of Harris Trophy, the British Open Scratch Champion was Andy Gardiner of England, with 218, Runner Up was Chris Paterson of Scotland with 221 and in third spot was Jonny Jones of England with 229.


Winning the Caledonia Trophy, the British Open Stableford Champion was Carol Brill of Eire, with 119 points, Runner up was Colin Leslie of Scotland with 113 points and in third spot was Jim Hamill of Scotland with 109. 


Congratulations to all the winners!!!


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