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About our HUBS and where we have them


Thank you . . . . .


The SDGC would like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of UK Foundations, Trust Funds, businesses, charities and individuals, who have supported us since 2004.  They have provided funding for over 4000 lessons from 100+ PGA Pro's and ice coaches, at over 900 SDGC competitions!


The latest . . . . . .


Currently, the SDGC is continuing to provide golf and curling grants for its Scottish based members.  This however, will end on 30 November 2021.  From 1 January 2022, only beginners or brand new members, will be offered grants for direct one-to-one tuition by their local PGA Professional or Ice Coach and all lessons, tuition, practice rounds and games will operate under SDGC HUBS. 


What is involved at a HUB . . . . . .


A HUB could involve any aspect of both golf and/or curling, from new members meeting for a social gathering and hitting a few balls at a range or having a try out at the curling, right the way through to a multi-day fun game or competition, with tuition, practice and games in either sport.


A few examples of a HUB . . . . .


     A small number of members get together for an hour with a Pro or Coach to try out the game

     A group of golfers or curlers meet for a game and meet other players

     A 2-day HUB could involve 3 games of curling or 2 curling and one round of golf

     A multi-day HUB could have all golf or all curling with both fun games and/or competition


Our First HUB Launch at Elmwood

Our First HUB Launch at Elmwood


Becoming a HUB . . . . .


In previous years, we have arranged clinics, taster sessions and general practice for members, but these were largely arranged informally between ourselves, Clubs, Professionals and Coaches.


The SDGC would like to further develop these arrangements and establish golf and curling hubs around the country, where members, disabled people and friends, could receive tuition, meet and socialize with other established disabled players and our volunteers.


We are therefore asking those clubs and societies to join us and become an “SDGC HUB”, which could ultimately increase memberships for both the club and SDGC, plus  generate new business through staging or hosting a HUB.


An SDGC HUB would be a recognised club/facility that has a positive record on encouraging people with a disability to come and enjoy the game.  Appropriate access, friendly and helpful staff and qualified instructors with experience of delivering coaching to a range of disabilities, which ultimately creates a positive environment and experience for our members and potential new members.


If you are a club or facility and interested in the project, please get in touch via the Contact link above.


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