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The Scottish Championship 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥌

A brand new curling event for our members!


😃 A short SDGC Video from one of our curling HUBS, fully sponsored by a Scottish Charitable Trust 

The Scottish Championship 🥌 


The SDGC is arranging a brand new Curling Championship this November.  The event will last three days and include some practice sheets, a “Round-Robin” team competition, a third/forth place play-off and the final.  To avoid disrupting the team structure, a deposit will be payable and members who attend all event sessions, will receive a full refund.


Through its sponsors, the SDGC will provide hotel accommodations, ice time, catering, curling equipment and some travel costs, for the duration of the Championship.  Games will be played at Kinross Murrayfield Stirling CC


Currently, some team playing places remain, so if any members from any country, wish to participate, just get in touch via the “Contact us” link above.


The Programme for 2021


Monday 8 November

Players meet at the Team Hotel for a meal

Overnight at the Keavil House Hotel Dunfermline


Tuesday 9 November

Session 1, Kinross 09:30, 2 practice sheets

Session 2, Kinross 15:00, 2 fun competition sheets

Overnight at the Keavil House Hotel Dunfermline



Wednesday 10 November

Session 3, 2 competition sheets, Team 1 v Team 2 & Team 3 v Team 4

Session 4, 2 competition sheets, Team 1 v Team 4 & Team 2 v Team 3

Overnight at the Keavil House Hotel Dunfermline



Thursday 11 November

Session 5, Kinross 09:30, 2 competition sheets, Team 1 v Team 3 & Team 2 v Team 4

Session 6, Kinross 12:15, 2 Final & 3&4 placed playoff  competition sheets

Presentation & Departure


Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for each team for peels.  There will be no sweeping at this event. 


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