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British Pairs, Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 November 2022, Kinross

+ a Report on the 2nd Scottish Team Championships, held earlier this year

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Inaugural Curling Champs

Our new four day Championships 

British Pairs Championships 2022

Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 November 2022

 Kinross Curling Rink


All games will be played on the indicated dates, at the Kinross Ice Rink. Each of the nine, two hour slots (three per day) booked at Kinross, will be split, i.e. eighteen one hour ice games.  The first fifteen one hour games will be a series of Round-Robin matches.  Two points for a win, one per team for peels and zero for losses.  All scores and points per game must be recorded in case of ties.  Ties will be decided by the highest previous games scores and so on back until the teams can be separated.  After the Round-Robin totals are calculated and the six teams are separated, The sixteenth game will be a play-off between the fifth and sixth placed teams.  Game seventeen will be a Bronze Medal play-off between the third and fourth placed teams and the eighteenth game will be the Gold and Silver Medal play-off between the first and second highest scoring teams.


The games start/stop immediately on the bell, scores stand at the bell, no finishing ends.  Speedy play is essential.  There is no brushing at this competition.  Players use all eight stones per end, four per player, alternating. 


Members should be aware that Gavin From Midgiebite Media will attend the British Pairs over two days, producing a new SDGC Charity video for broadcast later this year.


Sunday 6 November 

15:00 onward, Players arrive at the event hotel 

18:00 Evening Meal at Event Hotel + Bed & Breakfast


Monday 7 November

09:30 Team 2 v Team 1 & 10:30 Team 3 v Team 6

12:15 Team 4 v Team 5 & 13:15 Team 3 v Team 4

15:00 Team 6 v Team 1 & 16:00 Team 2 v Team 5

20:00 Evening Meal at Event Hotel + Bed & Breakfast


Tuesday 8 November

09:30 Team 6 v Team 4 & 10:30 Team 2 v Team 3

12:15 Team 1 v team 5 & 13:15 Team 4 v Team 1

15:00 Team 5 v Team 3 & 16:00 Team 6 v Team 2

20:00 Evening Meal at Event Hotel + Bed & Breakfast


Wednesday 9 November

09:30 Team 5 v Team 6 & 10:30 Team 1 v Team 3

12:15 Team 4 v Team 2 & 13:15 Team in 6th v Team in 5th Play-off

15:00 Team in 4th v Team in 3rd Bronze Medal Match

16:00 Team in 1st v Team in 2nd Gold & Silver Medal Match

17:15  Closing meal and presentation



The 2022 Team Champions from Kinross


The Second Scottish Team Championship Report

Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 February, Kinross Curling Centre 


The Second Scottish Team Championship recently concluded, with players travelling from as far afield as Essex, Dumbartonshire and Wigan . . . . . . . and we even let folks in from Kennoway. 


Day one was arrivals day in Base Camp at Dunfermline, where new members were introduced to not so new and a traditional pub gathering took place, where information on the event was circulated, safety equipment issued and lots of sage advice thrown about.  😚    our sponsors once again shone through and a meal was provided for everyone . . . . . primarily to soak up the local ale!  Once again, curlers had deep and meaningful conversations on highly cultural issues, like the meaning of life, political indiscretions, Sponge Bob and how the cool air at the rinks is very good to clear a stale head?


Day one saw six sheets filled and plenty of banter and an alleged increasing abilities.  The first of the morning sessions had the more experienced players, giving some direction on turns and pressure of slide to the newbies and hopefully a clarification on the proper rules and general speed of play.


The teams entered for the 2022 Championships were:


Team 1: Skip Malcolm Winning of Edinburgh, Martin Lowe of East Lothian, Laura O’Neill of Fife & Jim Gales of Fife

Team 2: Skip Gerry Clifford of Lanarkshire, Adam Storrie of West Lothian, John Riordan of Yorkshire & Graeme Seivewright of Fife

Team 3: Skip Jim Hamill of Dumbartonshire, Dave Standing of Lancashire, John Ramsay of Fife & Sylvia Hamill of Dumbartonshire

Team 4: Skip Malcolm Gerdes-Hansen of Fife, Lesley Bain of Essex, Matty Coleman of Fife & Mark Drummond of Lanarkshire


The scores on the doors, after the first round robin games were: Team Winning 5 beating Team Clifford’s 4 & Team Hamill 5 losing to Team Hansen’s 10.  One new curler said, “Loved it, this was great and I’ll definitely be back.  I was worried about stepping on to the ice and falling, but I was kept right and the grippers worked a treat, no slip ups.  All I needed was warmer knickers!”


The second round on day one, saw Team Winning secure their finals slot by scoring 11 to Team Hansen’s 3 & Team Clifford shot a 5 to Team Hamill’s 7.  Another new-ish curler mentioned, “its amazing how many of the games were tight, with just single points and even those with bigger gaps, you could still feel there was a chance of getting back into it, even at the last end.  When is the next session going to be”.


The SDGC must of course, thank all its sponsors and supporters during the Scottish Team Championships.  “it was great to have a good spread of new and old players taking part in the curling.  There were lots of travellers and with Seniors Gents and Ladies a great mix for a friendly and fun event.  Smashing!”  some 4 UK-wide sponsors supported the SDGC on this occasion and helped to provide the hotel stay for the duration, some catering throughout, all of the ice time at Kinross and the safety equipment.  Thank you very much.


Scott’s Porage Oats sponsored the event, with all players receiving a couple of packets of the famous product and a Presentation Tin to take back home as a we gift of their visit.  Special thanks go to Karl, Mark, Wendy and all the boys and girls at the Pepsi-Co plant in Cupar.


“Special mention to Duncan Hood of Para-Motion, who kindly demonstrated the new vehicle to our membership, much appreciated and we will see you again at the Phoenix Cup and British Open later in the year.”


An early-ish night was advised, ready for the finals day and the third and fourth place play offs, with several of the Skips ‘champing at the bit’ for some last minute practice. 


Day two started with yet more sessions for everyone on very busy rinks,  And then when the games started off proper,  saw Team Winning 4, losing to Team Hamill’s 6 and pushing through to their place in the final.  Sadly a late burst wasn’t enough for Team Clifford’s massive 18 points victory over Team Hansen 2.  Ouch!


The semi’s finished up with Team Clifford shooting 7 to Team Hansen’s 7 for the first Peels of the event and in the final it was tight at the end, with a semi final re-run and Team Winning shooting a 7 and taking the 2022 title, over Team Hamill’s 4.  Congratulations to everyone taking part. 🌨️😙


For your Diary, the Rocks v Stones League will slide off this September and The third Team Championship will be held in February 2023, just around the time of a team visiting from Canada! 



A compilation from the Scottish Championships with contributions from members including: Gerdes-Hansen, Standing, Clifford, Gales, Bain, Riordan & Leslie

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